The mealworms I bought a month ago at the pet shop have begun to pupate. They seem to have been happy on their diet of bran, apple, & guava.
Their cycle goes: beetles hatching to laying eggs 7-10 days; eggs hatch in 14 days as larvae; larvae pupate in 4-6 weeks; pupae emerge as beetles in 2-3 weeks.
Mealworms are edible at the larval stage, so expect some interesting posts on preparing & cooking these insects in the early New Year.

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    Martin Adlington

    I am currently researching & writing about "extreme foods", including edible insects, & seaweeds as part of my preparation for not only surviving, but thriving, in the event of a natural disaster or major infrastructure failure.
    Part of my aim is to learn old hunter-gatherer skills - this process is also helping me to understand the ecology of my own area better, & I am also meeting other people who are rearing, growing, brewing, sewing, making, & repairing.....


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