Rearing Mealworms


Last week I bought 50 mealworms from the petshop & am rearing them in an icecream tub. They eat bran & fruit - there is a worm on the apple slice below, the other dark lump is a piece of guava.

These "worms" are in fact beetle larvae. In a few weeks they will pupate, then turn into beetles, which will in turn lay eggs. Mealworms are eaten in many countries, & are very nutritious.
I will try them fried in butter & garlic, & roasted & salted with beer.....

    Martin Adlington

    I am currently researching & writing about "extreme foods", including edible insects, & seaweeds as part of my preparation for not only surviving, but thriving, in the event of a natural disaster or major infrastructure failure.
    Part of my aim is to learn old hunter-gatherer skills - this process is also helping me to understand the ecology of my own area better, & I am also meeting other people who are rearing, growing, brewing, sewing, making, & repairing.....


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